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Footgolf – the world’s best sport!
2 May 2017

We may be a little bias but we believe that footgolf might just be the best sport in the world! Why you ask? Because it is a collaboration of two of the already best sports in the world! ...

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Mastering the Strike!
8 February 2017

If you’re familiar with golf then you will know how important your swing is and how it affects your game. The kick in footgolf, is essentially the swing – so it’s essential to master in order to become a pro at the game!   There are a number of different kicks to choose from du...

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Getting back on track!
16 January 2017

Getting back into the swing of things after the Christmas and New Year festivities is tough… first day back at work, no more constant champagne and chocolates in hand, and back to exercise! ...

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